Art, Cocktails and Conversation for the Art Curious

Urevbu Contemporary 18 March 2023 
Urevbu Contemporary

Urevbu Contemporary's signature event series:


Art, Cocktails and Conversation for the Art Curious, returns!

What to expect? A welcoming space where you'll meet new friends and other like-minded art lovers. Enjoy an evening of music, cocktails, and meeting other tastemakers while enjoying and learning more about the artwork on view! Oh, did we mention cocktails? :)

What will we discuss? You'll discover the single biggest reason why most people (the 99%) believe they can't start an art collection (HINT: It's not that they don't have enough money) and what the solution to this problem really is.


We'll discuss the little known secret to buying art that you don't know you need to know. You'll ask and get answers to your burning questions and then imagine what's possible for you!

All art curious minds are encouraged to attend our welcoming and intimidation-free gallery!


Who is this event for?

The art curious = New or beginner? This event is for you! Join us!


Cocktails by: Paradigm Shift Bartending Company