Inhabitants of the Earth: Uchay Joel Chima

25 January - 31 March 2019

“If we look closely enough, we can find a link between all things,” says Chima. “Whether it is a link from one human to another, or an attachment to the environment and other living things, our relationship with material things, or the bond to the spiritual realm, everything is connected to everything else,” he explains “I am deeply fascinated with exploring these connections and am constantly looking for ways to reflect these linkages not only in the thematic expressions of my work but also in the use of materials and media.” 

Featuring over 30 recent mixed media artworks, Nigeria-based artist, Uchay Joel Chima debuts his first solo exhibition at Urevbu Contemporary.

Chima is known for his eclectic use of alluring materials and unique artistic process, often questioning environmental and social issues around the world. Weaving a tapestry of memory, imagination, societal happenings and emotion, Chima combines various found objects including strings, sand, wax, charcoal, old sacks with paint and other mediums in an aesthetic that informs his works. 

Installation Views