Forms and Figures: Elizabeth Ekpetorson and Chigozie Obi

15 May - 31 December 2020

"By drawing nude figures and portraits, I reveal the personalities behind clothing, highlighting the importance of looking beyond appearances and seeing my subjects for who they truly are." - Elizabeth Ekpetorson

Urevbu Contemporary is delighted to announce ​its​ inaugural online viewing room. Forms and Figures is a ​curated presentation of new and recent artwork by three emerging artists: Elizabeth Ekpetorson, Beatriz Manteigas and Chigozie Obi. ​​Each artist features a selection of artwork that ​visually​ present​s​ a​ figurative or abstract expressionist aesthetic of the human form​ and​ figure​, while symbolically exploring personal stories to shape deeper meaning and understanding around gender, race, identify and equality.