dis/contented realities presents a bold range of works from five emerging artists to watch from Nigeria, Cameroon, and the United States: Sophia Azoige, Samuel Dallé, Árá Deinde, Amarchi Odimba and Kaylyn Webster


Though the paintings in the exhibition are unified by their figurative imagery, each of the artists approaches their subject from a fresh perspective according to their own individual aesthetics, representing a spectrum of styles ranging from the abstract to the naturalistic.


Through layers of oil and acrylic--and in some cases, unexpected additional media-the paintings of dis/contented realities are informed by the rich, personal histories and experiences of the artists they represent.Confronting issues of race and identity, immigration and diaspora, beauty and friendship, the artists grapple with issues of our present.


While some of the presentations  in the exhibition advocate for a restructuring of reality, others stimulate their audience to confront the political and social landscape. dis/contented realities places these paintings in conversation with one another, allowing the viewer to appreciate and explore the connections and the conflicts of the artists' respective viewpoints.